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Passione per i tessuti, tutta italiana.
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White Christmas Tree Collection 2015

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White Christmas Tree Collection 2015


Are you looking for an idea to decorate your Christmas tree? You can use a Christmas Profumotti for your cheerful decorations.
This white tree with red ornament balls is made of 100% Italian wool. Born from the union between the design project and the handicraft realization of the tailoring studio that create both prototypes and the final product completely by hand. It is completely designed and produced in Italy.
That's why it is protected from counterfeiting, thanks to a trademark that guarantee its authenticity. It contains 100% minced cereals that gradually release fragrances, ensuring that Christmas Profumotti don't contain any harmful material and are not dangerous for health. For this reason our White Christmas Tree doesn't require any hazard symbols.
It is equipped with a convenient cotton rope, ideal for hanging it in the car, in wardrobes or on the Christmas Tree.

Available in the following fragrances:

CINNAMON AND POMEGRANATE: a truly invigorating fragrance, helps to relieve anxiety and stress thanks to the aroma of warm cinnamon with the fruity touch of pomegranate.

LAVENDER: a sweet essence, fresh and clean; thanks to its regenerating effect on the nervous system, lavender is used as an anti-stress.

ARABIAN NIGHTS: a fragrance with exotic character that has the power to evoke, with its spicy notes, the mysterious and sensual oriental nights.

CEDAR AND VANILLA: a really tonic fragrance, that unmistakable aroma of cedar wood with the sweet touch of VANILLA that ensure a feeling of comfort, relax and a sense of physical satisfaction.

FLOWER COTTON: an essence that consists of sweet notes mixed with talc notes; a fresh fragrance reminiscent of the scent of home.

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