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Flexifill Brush


The Flexifill revolutionary system allows you to order custom brushes with varying degrees of thicknesses to insure superior functionality for each individual facility.

Flexifill uses cutting edge technology that will meet the needs of any type of individual wash, due to its extreme adaptability and versatility Flexifill brushes can be realized in different materials:

  • Mixed brush: This is a true innovation in the field of the car wash, we have combined the best of our production: Polymousse scratch-proof and Politex ultra-soft cloth fabric, creating a silent and performing brush with excellent cleaning power.
  • Politex: This is a specific synthetic felt fabric in high quality, extremely gentle on the car’s body with an amazing shiny effect.
  • Polymousse: scratch-proof polyethylene foam very soft, its special design ensures an high cleaning power.
  • Finishtex: is an exclusive brush, that dries the car to a spotless and flawless finish. Finishtex is made of a specialized fabric that gives car’s body a shine like no other.