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Passione per i tessuti, tutta italiana.
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Polymousse Brush


Polymousse is a special scratch-proof brush, used from the past to present markets.

This brush has made Eurotessuti a leader in the field of car washing.

With extreme versatility and advanced technical features, can be installed on any type of car washing facility, ensuring truly amazing cleaning results.

And all of this is possible without any modifications or technical changes in the structure of the system, is a very cost effective solution, having very long lasting results.

It is a brush hand made, with high quality materials and rigorously selected and controlled in accordance with ECC regulations.

It is available with a soft base which uses a single hole for fast and easy mounting.

The particular square shape of this scratch-proof brush, makes it very effective for the cleaning of all the crevices in the car and it perfectly follows the profile of each body for a precise and accurate washing.

Polymousse is an extremely light brush and is very silent during the washing stage.

It is very effective in the reduction of environmental noise and is particularly suitable for any car wash in urban areas where low noise levels are required.

Available in 12 different colors.