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Passione per i tessuti, tutta italiana.
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Traditional Brush


The polyethylene brush is the "classic" car wash brushes.

The Eurotessuti polyethylene brush is hand-made by experts, and uses a single hole mount.

It is available in either a soft or rigid sleeve for fast and easy mounting.

It can be installed on any type of car wash and is available in various diameters for custom or standard wash.

The fiber used in our brush is extremely accurate in washing to ensure superior softness on the car and is very durable and provides an efficient and excellent wash.

Eurotessuti has developed a new and special polyethylene fiber for washing trucks using a single brush. It's a compact and durable solution for a more accurate and effective trucks washing.

This brush is also available in larger diameters.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available in 18 different colors.