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Passione per i tessuti, tutta italiana.
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Eurotessuti is a company founded and rooted in Viadana (a town near the Po river) on the border of the four provinces of Mantova, Cremona, Parma and Reggio Emilia. Because of this strategic position in Northern Italy and the steadfastness of its inhabitants, Viadana (a small agricultural town) became the industrial center of reference in various economic sectors. Also because its entrepreneurial climate, Eurotessuti began its activity in the early nineties.

The company, founded by Claudio Formica, began as a family run company, specializing in the trade of fabrics for household linen. It developed over the years, and today the company is headed by his sons, Matteo and Michela. They have maintained the same entrepreneurial spirit that is quintessential to the area, and were able to develop inherent qualities of the company and assert its presence throughout the Italy and the rest of the world.