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Passione per i tessuti, tutta italiana.
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Product code: cuscinettoclip2015-sandalo

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FATTO A MANO in Italia

INTERNO: scaglie di cereali

FRAGRANZA: sandalo

Il prodotto non è considerato pericoloso in accordo con il regolamento CE 1272/2008.
(rispettando tale normativa il nostro prodotto non necessita dei simboli di rischio a differenza della maggior parte degli altri competitors)


Pillow, with a beige color and a blue back side, it is an elegant Profumotto Eurotessuti, result of the union between the design project and the craft production of the tailoring workshop that produce by hand both the prototypes and production - developed and produced in Italy - for this reason it's protected from counterfeiting, thanks to the registration of the trademark and design to guarantee their authenticity. Inside the Pillow there are minced cereals, a 100% natural product that gradually releases the fragrance, ensuring that the product is not dangerous for health. In fact, our Pillow does not require any warning symbols. It is equipped with a plastic clamp to attach it to the air vents of che car; upon request it can be produced in other colors, fragrances and branded with a company logo. SANDALWOOD: This essence gives a pleasant feeling of well-being; sandal is actually a wood with proven balsamic and relaxing properties.

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