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Eurotessuti is a company born and rooted in Viadana, a city on the banks of the river Po, at the crossroads of four key provinces of the Italian industrial and economic landscape: Mantua, Cremona, Parma and Reggio Emilia. Its strategic position in northern Italy and the tenacity that distinguishes its inhabitants allowed Viadana to grow from an agricultural town to a key industrial centre in various sectors.

From the early nineties until today: the history

In this environment, the early nineties saw the company open for business. Founded by Claudio Formica, Eurotessuti is a family-run business, and throughout its history it specialized more and more in the trade of home linen fabrics. The company is now managed by his children Matteo and Michela, whose entrepreneurial spirit is typical of this area. They succeeded in developing the company’s latent potential and establish it throughout the country, as well as abroad.

Eurotessuti reaching new markets

This constant evolution and attention to detail have led the company to continue expanding its business beyond Italy’s borders. Today, the company markets fabrics of Italian and European inspiration and taste, supplying some of our continent’s largest furniture manufacturing companies.