It’s no secret that staying in the market has been hard in recent years. Undoubtedly, one solution is to follow a strategy that keeps the business up to date, always offering new and contemporary solutions, while still keeping the product accessible to most customers, be they manufacturers or consumers. Eurotessuti shares this working method, this vision, whose success is evidenced by illustrious examples in the fields of fashion, furnishings and other consumer products

Eurotessuti’s values: some examples

The company owners, Matteo and Michela, have been shaped by these times, capable of staying in tune with the changes in the way consumers evaluate their purchases. This is undoubtedly a tough challenge, but their tenacity has allowed them to succeeded. There are many values that distinguish Eurotessuti today, such as:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Boldness
  • Creativity
  • Product accessibility
  • Professionalism and continuity of service
  • Careful observation of market dynamics
  • Italian style with an international scope
Italian style fabrics

Practically speaking, today Matteo and Michela source materials from many parts of the world, relying on local associates. They participate in events that set fashion and taste trends, especially in Europe, allowing them to understand the new trends and the trendsetters in the field of fabrics and furnishings.