Car Wash Brushes

After ten years of success in the textile field, in 2001 the company decided to broaden its horizons and branch out into a new sector: car washes. The automotive division was born, specializing in the production and distribution of brushes for car washes.

Automotive products: brushes

car wash brushes

The Flexifill system’s modularity allows it to create customized brushes, with different densities and sizes, so they can be perfectly adapted to any washing system. The brushes can be made with the following materials, depending on the needs of each wash:

  • Polymousse: a very soft non-scratch foam material, specially designed, with high polishing power and excellent longevity.
  • Polytex fabric: a specific high-quality synthetic felt fabric, extremely gentle on the bodywork while maintaining its high washing and polishing power.
  • Mixed: We combined the best of our production for this truly new product in the car wash sector: Polymousse and Polytex come together for a high-performance brush with excellent washing and polishing power.
  • Finishtex: A unique material that dries the car down to the very last drop, for an impeccable end result. Its special fabric gives the bodywork an unparalleled shine.

Polymousse is a special non-scratch brush, handmade using EC-compliant high quality materials that guarantee their optimal efficiency over time. POLYMOUSSE can be installed in most car washes for truly surprising washing results. The existing adapters or poles don’t need to be replaced, and only the support plate needs to be changed.

changed. This non-scratch brush has a unique square shape that makes it very effective during the washing phase, allowing it to follow perfectly the contours of any bodywork.
Its square shape also ensures very low noise levels. It is recommended for car washes located in urban areas, where noise pollution levels need to be minimal. Available in 12 different colours.

anti-scratch brushes for car washes
Mixed brush for car washes in polymousse and polyethylene

Mixmousse is a mixed brush that combines the cleaning power of polyethylene (PE) with the softness of Polymousse. This brush is handmade on different supports in order to adapt to the car wash poles. It is particularly recommended for car washes without amperometric controls in the pole pressures.


Polyethylene (PE) brushes wash thoroughly thanks to their ductility and feathering. They are sewn by expert hands on rubber supports or produced automatically on the couplings. They can be installed on any type of car wash and are available in various diameters (from 350 to 1600) for both standard and customized setups. Available in 18 different colours.

traditional polyethylene brush for car washes
brushes for washing trucks, trains and trucks

For washing vans, HGVs and articulated lorries, Eurotessuti uses a particular diameter of polyethylene, to ensure durability, resistance and efficiency in eliminating the most stubborn dirt.

Eurotessuti also offers brushes made of polyamide (P6). This special fibre is much more durable and tough than polyethylene, and is particularly suitable for hard, rough or highly encrusted surfaces.
The P6 handles high temperatures very well, which is why it is also used in special washes other than the traditional car wash.

Eurotessuti’s high pressure brushes are among its most popular products. These brushes are used for cleaning cars in washing systems with self-serve tracks. They are entirely handmade and produced in Italy using select materials of the highest quality.

They come in four different models. All our bristles return to their original position after each and every use, even after being stowed and unused for hours and hours in their brush holders.
The brushes are designed to withstand any impact. A plastic support with a rounded rubber end ensures that the brushes are extremely gentle on the bodywork, so that the cars don’t get scratched during the washing phase.
They are equipped with a specific support that distributes water over the entire surface of the brush.
Their universal fitting means they can be used on all brush holders available on the market.
high pressure brushes for car washing
Wheel Wash Discs for Car Washes and Car Washes
The wheel washers are made of polyethylene, with a greater diameter than traditional brushes. They are very durable, to wash rims and wheels effectively, precisely and thoroughly. The double-length bristles are designed for excellent washing results even on the most unevenly shaped rims.

The bristle angle means we can wash up to an external Ø of 420 mm.
Available in the following diameters: 360 mm (WashTec) and 380/420 mm, with or without High Pressure capability.
Colours available for immediate delivery: Black.
Other colours: available on order.


Detergent designed for the maintenance and regular cleaning of Polymousse car wash brushes. It eliminates dirt from the brushes without altering their physical characteristics, keeping the brushes efficient over time and extending their life cycle.

This easy-to-use chemical product should be used at least once a month. Just spray it on the brushes and leave it on for about ten minutes. Then rinse and wash normally.

Detergent designed for the maintenance and regular cleaning of Polymousse car wash brushes
drying strips for car washes

These soft fabric strips are positioned at the end of the washing tunnels, to complete the car drying phase by removing the last residues of water. They are suitable for all types of tunnels and reduce the system’s noise pollution.


Eurotessuti also offers a selection of cloths for finishing cars. Available types: multipurpose yellow suede, multipurpose colored microfiber and microblux drying cloth.

panni per asciugare macchine e auto
Aluminum pipes for car washes

Aluminium pipes for car washes, complete with flanges and pins for all types of washing (cars, lorries, buses, special washes, etc.).
Our pipes are available in the following diameters: 120 mm and 114 mm.
We can also manufacture customized flanges and pins based on the customer’s drawings.
Types of poles: horizontal, vertical, and side washers.