Uv resistant upholstery fabric suppliers

Uv resistant upholstery fabric suppliers

Resistant fabrics to UV rays

The best upholstery fabrics are the ones that don't deteriorate. They're also not afraid of rain, and they're UV resistant.

Who wants to spend their time worrying about whether or not their outdoor furniture is going to fall apart? We're here to help you avoid that worry. We've got a selection of outdoor upholstery fabrics that will keep your furniture looking great for years to come—and all without sacrificing any comfort or style.

Outdoor fabrics: resistant to fading and discoloration

We believe that your fabric should be more than just a pretty face; it should be able to stand up to whatever life throws at it. That's why we carry only fabrics made from the most durable materials so that you can keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.

Our outdoor upholstery fabrics are all made with high-quality polyester fibers that are resistant to fading and discoloration and UV rays. They're also water-repellent, so they won't get ruined by rain or humidity! And because they're made with extra-strong threads, they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use without falling apart on you.

Eurotessuti: UV-resistant fabrics suppliers

Eurotessuti offers outdoor fabrics that are specially treated to resist weather and sunlight. As a result, they provide high resistance to the products on which they are used. They are perfect for verandas, and gardens, but also for dehors or professional uses.

Eurotessuti's models:

Versatile fabrics for every use, water-repellent so they can be used outdoors and be exposed to the elements so that the product will not spoil and will allow for greater comfort when setting up outdoor spaces. These treatments allow us to have the peace of mind of not having to worry about removing the set-up created for our outdoor space in the event of rain. Eurotessuti's outdoor offerings are also stain-resistant and the fixing guarantees excellent color fastness over time. 

We have many different styles and colors available, so don't hesitate to reach out in our contact section if there's something specific you're looking for!