Sale of stain-resistant fabrics for living rooms

Sale of stain-resistant fabrics for living rooms

Stain-free couch and armchair upholstery

Life happens in living rooms. Eurotessuti understands. With decades of experience in sourcing Europe’s finest fabrics for the continent’s largest furniture producers, Eurotessuti is a trusted partner in the sale of stain-resistant fabrics for living rooms.

Choosing a stain-resistant fabric with Teknowaterclean® for high traffic areas

Eurotessuti offers a wide variety of stain-resistant upholsteries for sofas and armchairs. All featuring a special Teknowaterclean® coating, the fabrics are all easy to clean, making them perfect for contract furnishings or homes with small children. Stain-resistant fabrics are not only easy to care for, but they are better for the environment, reducing the amount of detergent required, meaning less pollution.

Eurotessuti’s wide selection of stain-repellent fabrics
  • Atena: a blend of polyester and nylon, Athena features a modern weave and is available in a wide variety of lively colors.
  • Cristal: with a classic weave, Cristal is 100% polyester and sold in a variety of natural and lively colors with a contemporary twist.
  • Maia: with a chunky weave, Maia offers a contemporary look in solid tones, great for building a design base in a modern living room.
  • Oslo: subtle tufted, Oslo is 100% polyester and available in several tones.
  • Teknofibra: a classic polyester microfibre with a plush fleece lining, Teknofibra makes any space cozy and inviting, making it especially suited for living rooms, especially where small children are present.
  • Zeus Ares: with a smooth and welcoming weave, Zeus Ares is available in several nature-inspired colors, making it ideal for country living.
  • Zeus Ermes: featuring a subtle tartan, Zeus Ermes blends tradition with technology, for cozy homes and contract spaces.
More information about Eurotessuti’s fabrics

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