Sale of leather for interior furnishing

Sale of leather for interior furnishing

European leather for upholstery

A seamless addition to both the most modern interiors and cozy, inviting spaces, leather is a truly timeless material that gets more comfortable the older it gets, making it a great investment. Eurotessuti, working with some of Europe’s largest furniture producers, is a trusted partner in the sale of leather for interior furnishing based in the heart of Italy’s economic heart.

Why upholster an armchair in leather

Whether furnishing a traditional or modern space, leather is an easy way to make a space feel truly luxurious. Eurotessuti is proud to offer two different leathers for interiors, Montana and Uruguay, both made exclusively from European cattle and water-based pigments, and both sold as an entire hide.

How to choose a leather upholstery
  • Montana: Montana features a highly visible grain, lending it an extra natural look. Made in full compliance with REACH standards in Europe, Montana is available in twelve different nature-inspired colors including cool neutrals and a pure black, ensuring a timeless look in any space.
  • Uruguay: featuring a smaller, more subtle grain than Montana, Uruguay has a chic and sophisticated finish, perfect for more contemporary leather sofas and armchairs. Available in twelve different colors, all inspired by natural elements such as clays and trees, Uruguay ensures timeless charm and comfort that only gets better with age.
Sale of leather for interior furnishing: more information about Eurotessuti

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