Sale of fabrics for armchairs

Sale of fabrics for armchairs

European armchair upholstery

A must-have piece in every home, an armchair is an extension of its owner’s personality, making it an extremely personal choice. Working with some of Europe’s largest furniture producers for decades, today, Eurotessuti is an expert in the sale of fabrics for armchairs and offers a wide selection of REACH-compliant collections to complete any project.

Upholstering an armchair with Eurotessuti, the advantages

Working with Eurotessuti means access to a wide variety of fabric collections that blend tradition and modern technology to offer top-quality materials with a variety of water-repellant and flame-retardant treatments making them ultra-safe as well.

Eurotessuti’s best fabrics for armchairs
  • Oslo: featuring a Teknowaterclean® treatment, Oslo can be easily cleaned with just water, making it perfect for home with small children or high traffic areas.
  • Alaska: Warm and cozy, Alaska offers clients an ultra-comfortable option, perfect for relaxing after a long day, particularly in colder months.
  • Eva: with a fleece lining, Eva is comfortable yet hard working thanks to its sturdy weave and water-repellent finish.
  • Sirma: available in nineteen colors, Sirma is a timeless classic for both armchairs and sofas with a soft finish and water-repellent finish.
  • Viki: endlessly inviting, there’s nothing quite like a velvet armchair to simultaneously draw in visitors and attention, making it the perfect choice for statement armchairs, available in several tones and floral patterns.
  • Uruguay: made from European cattle, Eurotessuti’s Uruguay leather makes for supple and inviting statement armchairs, available in a variety of nature-inspired tones.
  • Stone: featuring a special treatment that lends it a vintage effect, Stone is 100% cotton, making it breathable and soft. Available in several colors.
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