Sale of products for car washing

Sale of products for car washing

A wide selection of brushes for car wash centers

No car wash is complete without the right combination of brushes to scrub off dirt and polish exteriors. With nearly two decades in the car wash supply sector, Eurotessuti is specialized in the sale of products for car washing. In the heart of Italy’s productive sector, Eurotessuti has a finger on the pulse of all the latest products, allowing them to offer the very best products in Europe.

The advantages of purchasing car wash supplies from Eurotessuti

After a decade of experience in textiles, Eurotessuti expanded into car wash supplies, today offering a wide selection of brushes, wheel washer disks, soaps, drying strips, pipes and more.

Eurotessuti’s complete line of automotive cleaning supplies
  • Flexifill brushes: completely customizable with different densities and sizes, Flexifill brushes are suitable for any car wash system.
  • Polymousse brushes: made with EU-compliant materials, Polymousse non-scratch brushes have a unique square shape that make them extra effective in following body contours.
  • Lorry washing brushes: Eurotessuti offers polyethylene fibres with a diameter specifically designed to scrub stubborn dirt.
  • High pressure brushes: one of Eurotessuti’s most popular products, the company’s selection of high pressure brushes are designed for self-service car washes. Their brushes are all made in Italy using the highest quality materials.
  • Drying strips: Eurotessuti offers a range of drying strips for the final phase of the car wash, compatible with a variety of tubes and designed to reduce noise.
  • Pipes: Eurotessuti also supplies a series of aluminum pipes, complete with langes and pins, for all types of car washes in sizes 120 mm and 114 mm.
More information about Eurotessuti’s products for car washing

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