Sale of fire-retardant fabrics for hospitals

Sale of fire-retardant fabrics for hospitals

Certified medical grade textiles

Hospitals and health care centers require the highest standards in fabrics to keep patients safe when they are at their most vulnerable. Boasting both Reach and Oeko Tex certifications, Eurotessuti is proudly specialized in the sale of fire-retardant fabrics for hospitals. A family-run company in the heart of Italy’s economic scene, Eurotessuti partners with some of Europe’s largest furniture producers.

The importance of certified fire-retardant upholstery for hospitals

A crucial aspect of a hospital stay is the conditions of the hospital itself, starting with its furnishings. Eurotessuti offers a range of fire-retardant fabric treatments such as Class 1lM, Class 1, BS 5822, TB117 California, and more.

A selection of Eurotessuti fire-retardant fabrics for hospitals
  • Teknofibra: a microfibre blended with soft fleece that is both soft and easy to clean thanks to an anti-stain treatment, available in several colors.
  • Zeus Lago: Zeus can be cleaned with just water thanks to its Teknowaterclean® treatment.
  • Tecla: cotton with a fleece backing for added comfort, Tecla easy to clean thanks to its water-repellent coating.
  • Ice: a water-repellant polyester with a velvety finish, Ice stands out for its unique texture and is machine washable.
  • Mokka: featuring a subtle micro print, Mokka is water-repellant with a velvety feel and machine washable.
  • Roma: a versatile polyester with a water-repellent treatment, making it suitable for heavy traffic areas, available in several colors.
  • Zara: a linen blend that offers a natural look in neutral tones and a delicate melange effect in brighter colors, Zara is machine washable.
  • Ariel: a recycled fabric made from PET bottles to create a high-efficiency fabric, available in a wide variety of colors.
Sale of fire-retardant fabrics for hospitals: more information about Eurotessuti

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