Tailor-made fabrics for couches

Tailor-made fabrics for couches

A wide selection of upholstery for couches

A trusted partner of Europe’s largest furniture producers, Eurotessuti provides a range of tailor-made fabrics for couches. Seated on the River Po between the cities of Mantova, Cremona, Parma and Reggio Emilia, Italy’s economic heart, the company also boasts decades of experience in the sector, allowing them to offer personalized solutions for any seating collection.

The advantages of choosing Eurotessuti couch upholstery materials

Choosing from Eurotessuti’s selection of tailor sofa upholstery means choosing to offer your customers the best in Europe, with a wide range of styles, fabrics and colors, as well as stain-resistant and flame-retardant treatments to keep homes and businesses safe.

How to choose a sofa fabric
  • Cristal: available in a wide variety of tones, Cristal is a solid polyester upholstery that can be cleaned with just water thanks to its Teknowaterclean® technology.
  • Alena Giglio: a monochromatic chenille jacquard featuring an elegant fleur de lis design, suitable for both traditional and modern pieces, available in eight tones.
  • James: a microfiber with a printed woven pattern for a nostalgic effect, James is easy to clean thanks to its water-resistant treatment and available in several colors.
  • Martina: with a modern texture, Martina is a water-repellent polyester that is easy to keep clean and washing machine-safe, available in several colors.
  • Sirma: available in a wide variety of contemporary tones, Sirma is 100% polyester with a water-resistant coating but still so cozy.
  • Alba: made in Italy, Alba is a cotton-polyester blend available in a range of charming contemporary colors.
  • Frida: a polyester-linen blend, Frida is a timeless fabric available in several tones, ranging from contemporary pop-inspired tones to timeless classics.
More information about Eurotessuti tailor-made fabrics for couches

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