Sale of outdoor fabrics

Sale of outdoor fabrics

European fabrics for patio, garden and poolside furnishings

A trusted partner for the sale of outdoor fabrics, Eurotessuti is a family-run company now led by the second generation. Experts in the textile sector, located in the heart of Italy’s economic scene along the River Po, the company offers a range of textiles to suit any project or collection to create unforgettable outdoor spaces.

Sale of outdoor fabrics: why Eurotessuti

Relaxing outdoors with family and friends is a great way to unwind, especially with the right furnishings. Eurotessuti offers a range of fabrics for the garden, deck or terrace, designed to stand up to the sun, wind and rain, making them a great choice for patio chairs, sun loungers and more. All Eurotessuti’s outdoor fabrics are made in acrylic with a special UV guard, protecting colors from fading, while also standing up to the effects of sea and chlorinated waters.

Eurotessuti’s outdoor fabric collection
  • Grecale: particularly suited to sunny spaces, Grecale features a protective treatment to keep colors bright with high UV ray exposure, guaranteeing a long life and happy days under the sun and in the water.
  • Sveva Mosaico: designed for sunny climates, Sveva Mosaico features a unique jacquard weave and a special coating to protect its colors from the sun’s rays as well as sea and pool water, available in nine colorways.
  • Sveva Unito, the more conservative of the Sveva collection, Sveva Unito is a jacquard with a traditional weave. Available in nine colorways, Sveva Unito comes with a special protective treatment to prevent UV rays, pool and seawater from causing fading.
How to contact Eurotessuti

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