Sale of furnishing fabrics

Sale of furnishing fabrics

Choose from a wide range of European upholsteries

A family-run business now led by the second generation, Eurotessuti boasts decades of experience in the textiles sector. Specialized in the sale of furnishing fabrics, the company offers a wide range of textiles, including stain-resistant, water-resistant, recycled and hospital grade collections, as well as leathers, velvets, cottons and more.

Why choose Eurotessuti fabrics for furnishing

Eurotessuti has been in the textile sector for decades, building a wealth of information on fabrics for furnishing along the way. Eurotessuti proposes a collection of fabrics that are the perfect synthesis between classic and modern, boasting original and elegant fabrics, textures and prints.

A selection of Eurotessuti upholstery fabrics for every use
  • Atena: a stain-resistant fabric with a Teknowaterclean® treatment available in several contemporary colors, the perfect addition to busy modern living rooms
  • Dragon: made from recycled PET bottles that once littered the ocean, Dragon is a highly efficient fabric available in six different nature-inspired colorways
  • Flora: a plush polyester velvet with a floral theme, perfect for adding a touch of natural warmth in a living room, available in nine colors
  • Elettra: a charming contemporary jacquard for living rooms that balance classic and contemporary elements, available in fourteen colorways
  • Sole Pois: made in Italy, Sole Pois is a polka-dotted fabric available in several colorways, both subdued and bold, perfect for accent cushions, curtains or attention-getting armchairs
  • Buffalo: a cushy faux leather in PVC with a polyurethane finish, designed to stand up to the test of time, available in twelve different colors
  • Penelope: a quilted melange with a classic diamond motif, perfect for headboards, cushions, ottomans and other pieces designed for both modern and classic spaces
Sale of furnishing fabrics: more information about Eurotessuti

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