The best fabrics for outdoor furniture

21 Mar 2022

The best fabrics for outdoor furniture

Beauty and durability, how to choose the perfect outdoor fabric

With the arrival of fair weather, one begins to want to enjoy every free moment outdoors, no longer within the walls of one's home, but perhaps in a garden or on a beautiful veranda kissed by the warm sun or in the moonlight. 

When temperatures allow it, the need to be outdoors grows, as does the desire to furnish our outdoor spaces. We make space for lounges, cushions, small relaxation areas with water-repellent fabrics that allow us not to ruin the product with the night’s humidity or in case it rains. And does the sun ruin the fabric? How do I know the fabric will not be ruined?
Have you ever wondered what technical specifications you need to know for an informed choice? Some technical specifications can be found in the product sheets, as well as in Eurotessuti's.

Outdoor fabrics: Eurotessuti's offerings

Eurotessuti offers outdoor fabrics that are specially treated to resist weather and sunlight. As a result, they provide high resistance to the products on which they are used. They are perfect for verandas, gardens, but also for dehors or professional uses.

Eurotessuti's models:

You can therefore choose between these offerings, which differ in pattern and technical characteristics. The Sveva models differ in pattern, are waterproof and are 140 cm tall.

Versatile fabrics for every use, water-repellent so they can be used outdoors and be exposed to the elements, so that the product will not spoil and will allow for greater comfort when setting up outdoor spaces. These treatments allow us to have the peace of mind of not having to worry about removing the set-up created for our outdoor space in the event of rain. Eurotessuti's outdoor offerings are also stain-resistant and the fixing guarantees excellent colourfastness over time. 

Care and maintenance of outdoor fabrics

Cleaning the exterior is important and maintenance will depend on the type of fabric chosen. The fabrics offered by Eurotessuti are easy to clean, stain-resistant and waterproof and therefore able to withstand rain and sun. Washing at 30 degrees is recommended; the fabric does not require ironing.

Is the fabric suitable for furnishing? 

When choosing fabrics, it is essential to ask yourself this question. Colours and fabrics should be in balance with the décor and in harmony with the open space

It is important to consider where the fabric will be used, whether in a veranda, a garden or a patio. The possibilities are endless, and any outdoor space will be perfect for Eurotessuti’s fabrics.  

The outdoor relaxation area will thus be well cared for and will be able to withstand various weather conditions, so you will have your own little paradise in nature and outside the confines of your home.

For more information and to stay up-to-date on our outdoor furniture products, please contact us!