The characteristics of water-repellent fabrics

04 May 2022

The characteristics of water-repellent fabrics

The water resistance of water-repellent fabrics for a variety of applications

Water-repellent fabrics are fabrics that do not absorb water. These fibres are treated in such a way that they repel water, so that it does not penetrate the fabric. Water-repellent fabrics are used in a variety of applications, such as in the textile industry, in the production of fabrics for furnishing and in fabrics for sofas, armchairs and poufs.

Why choose water-repellent fabrics?

Water-repellent fabrics offer superior protection against liquids. These fabrics are made with a special finish that repels water, so that furniture and accessories stay dry and clean. Water-repellent fabrics are easy to clean and stain-resistant, making them ideal for everyday use.

Water-repellent fabrics are made to prevent water from penetrating the fabric, thus preventing damage to what is underneath the fabric, such as the upholstery of a sofa. This type of material makes the entire product more resistant by preventing stains and facilitating their removal. 

Water-repellent fabrics resist stains, limiting the use of the washing machine and chemical detergents for cleaning, saving money and limiting pollution, making them a convenient and sustainable choice

Water-repellent fabrics: Eurotessuti's offerings

The various types of fabric allow you to find a solution for every environment and style, enabling you to renew furniture through customised upholstery.

Eurotessuti offers a wide range of water-repellent fabrics in its catalogue, with different weaves and with the option of choosing from many colours to find the fabric that best suits your style and decor

The Roma fabric, in microfibre polyester, Argilla colour, has a classic, clean weave and is ideal to embellish refined furnishings. The Penelope fabric weave is unique, ideal for armchairs, poufs and sofas, with a soft and enveloping texture
There are many other weaves available in the Eurotessuti catalogue, you can choose from different fabrics and styles to find the most suitable for you.

Care and maintenance of water-repellent fabrics

Water-repellent fabrics are a popular choice for furniture, as they offer effective protection against stains. However, it is important to follow some simple care and maintenance rules to keep water-repellent fabrics in good condition and prolong their life.

Firstly, it is important to avoid exposing water-repellent fabrics to direct sunlight, as this can cause the fabric to yellow. Secondly, it is important to wash water-repellent fabrics no hotter than 40°. Finally, it is important to iron at low temperatures and not to bleach.

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