The most flame-resistant fibres and fabrics

08 Jul 2022

The most flame-resistant fibres and fabrics

Fireproof fabric: what it means and how to choose it

When choosing fabrics at home or in public places it is important to consider using fire-retardant fabrics to ensure maximum safety and prevent fire risks.


Fire-retardant fabrics are made of special fibres treated with a fire-retardant chemical during the fibre formation process. Fabrics made from this fibre do not lose their flame resistance over time or for wear and tear, but retain this capacity to ensure your safety.


Fire-retardant fabrics ensure a certain degree of fire resistance, reducing or delaying combustion. There are also fabrics that are completely flame-resistant, i.e. they do not allow combustion even when exposed directly to flames, and partially fire-retardant fabrics when the temperature rises above particularly high thresholds.

Which fabrics are fire resistant?

Choosing fire-retardant fabrics can be indispensable in public places where a small accident or forgetfulness can have serious consequences. In facilities open to the public, such as restaurants, cinemas, schools, the use of fire-retardant textiles is required by law.

Fire-retardant fabrics are classified according to their degree of reaction to fire with respect to how they are used:

  • Class 0, is used to refer to non-combustible materials; 
  • Class 1, non-flammable combustible fabrics;
  • 1IM, 2IM, 3IM, increasing flammability to indicate upholstered products.
How to render fire-retardant fabrics not made of special fibres?

Non-fire-retardant fabrics can be treated later by coating the back a with ha fire-retardant resin, so with this treatment the fabrics become resistant to fire.

Another advantage of this treatment is that it allows small quantities of fabric to be treated, while for special fire-retardant fibres the minimum order quantities are high.

Fire-retardant fabrics: Eurotessuti's offerings

Eurotessuti catalogue offers a wide range of fireproof fabrics. Always attentive to innovation and Made in Italy design, the company offers fabrics with flameproof properties tested in certified laboratories.

Fire-resistant fabrics include:

Eurotessuti offers numerous fire-retardant fabrics with various characteristics. You can view all models on the website, and for further information on our products please contact us!