Upcoming trends in furnishing fabrics

22 Aug 2022

Upcoming trends in furnishing fabrics

Colours reminiscent of nature and sustainable materials: the latest trends in furnishing fabrics

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of choosing sustainable products for the home. This has led to an increased focus on furnishing fabrics, which are an important component of any home environment.

Furnishing fabrics: a growing awareness of sustainability

Furnishing fabrics are becoming more and more sustainable, eco-friendly and natural. They can be made from natural or recycled materials. Moreover, sustainable furnishing fabrics are often produced by companies that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. This may mean using wind or hydroelectric energy to power their plants, as well as using more efficient production techniques to reduce CO2 emissions. Recycling in textiles is a fundamental part of the process, for greater sustainability that is not at the expense of quality.

The sustainable furnishing fabrics are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact. They are also an aesthetically pleasing choice because they can add a natural touch to home environments.

Plastic recycling and respect for the environment are therefore at the heart of the process. Eurotessuti offers collections made from recycled materials; these furnishing fabrics maintain the same excellent quality as new materials, but are sustainable, eco-friendly and the result of a company vision focused on the circular economy. They are, for instance, obtained by recycling PET bottles scattered in the environment and subsequently collected.

Trendy colours for furnishing fabrics

Colours for furnishing fabrics are constantly changing and trending. In recent years, soft colours have been increasingly used in furniture. This is because soft colours give a sense of calm and relaxation, as well as elegance. In addition, soft colours go well with any other colour, so they are very versatile. 
Green, blue and yellow are also trendy colours. These are generally selected in more subdued tones in furnishing, in order not to weigh down the room and to create a relaxing atmosphere. The choice will depend on the décor of your home: for a modern interior, you can choose, for example, patterned fabrics in softer shades, which can easily adapt to different environments. Conversely, for a classic décor, you can choose solid-coloured and less conspicuous fabrics.
Eurotessuti offers different patterns and colours of sustainable fabrics: you can choose from a wide range of fabrics directly from our website. For more information, please contact us!