The return of velvet in textiles

21 Dec 2022

The return of velvet in textiles

One of the most iconic fabrics is back in fashion, especially in the home

According to famous Vogue magazine, velvet is “an emblem of wealth and preciousness”. It cannot be denied: it has always been a fabric unlike any other, especially when it comes to home furnishings. 

Velvet has always been one of the most widely used fabrics in interior design, for example, to upholster sofas, armchairs, seats and padded beds, as well as for curtains and cushions. An icon of elegance and preciousness for centuries, and like all fabrics, it has followed the fashions and trends that return periodically. However, any fabric standing the test of time manages to characterise several eras, and to return as the protagonist of several seasons. Velvet has certainly done so.

After being a symbol of the 90s, velvet is back in a big way in our daily lives, at the centre of current trends, used in clearly contemporary ways. Great stylists and designers are bringing it back into fashion, making it one of this season's must-haves.

(Re)discovering velvet

By definition, velvet cannot give up its precious and sophisticated look. But now we have left 90s behind, and thinking about the present, the fabric is rediscovering itself as thoroughly modern. It is perfectly suited to being used in simple and striking ways, by means of colours, shades, and combinations in the home. 

But now we have left 90s behind, and thinking about the present, the fabric is rediscovered incredibly modern, perfect to be declined in a simple and impactful, thanks to the use of colors, shades, and combinations at home.

Soft and silky, smooth to the touch, it suits classic or retro environments as well as more modern and minimalist ones, playing with contrasts for a strong aesthetic impact. Velvet comes in many types, but the most in vogue in the coming months will be silk velvet, even though cotton velvet and synthetic fibre velvet are more suitable for upholstering padded and high-friction furniture such as beds, sofas, armchairs, chairs and poufs. To create a nice contrast with a modern look, more durable natural fibres, such as cotton, linen, wool, mohair or synthetic velvets in polyester, acetate, nylon and viscose, can be combined with velvet.

And then, to every season its colour! While in winter the more natural choices are warm nuances, such as caramel, antique pink, terracotta, pale yellow, in the warmer months we can instead opt for darker shades such as midnight blue, black and bottle green, which also fit perfectly, perhaps combined with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.

Fashionable... but tasteful 

In any case, velvet remains a “demanding” and important fabric. Precisely because of this timeless, aristocratic and precious style, it is not suitable for all environments, but must be selected carefully and used sparingly and tastefully. The risk is that it will be used every day, trivialised or, if chosen for the wrong décor, it will quickly be ruined. 

When used to embellish certain corners of our homes (for example, an armchair and a pouf, or a small sofa with cushions, or chairs that we use on special occasions), we will be in line with the trend, return it to its former glory and its main purpose: embellishing the environment.

A Brief History of Velvet

We already had the opportunity to see how is it made and what its characteristics are. Today, in light of its great comeback (although some never abandoned it), we briefly review the history and milestones of a centuries-old fabric, one of the few symbols of elegance, refinement and luxury.

Velvet is considered to be “of oriental origin”, since its use is documented in Ancient China (where it was known as “quirong jin”), as well as in Ancient Persia, Iraq, and the Middle East. It finally reached Europe and Italy along the Silk Road, originating specifically from Kashmir.

The Italians were the largest velvet producers for six centuries, from the 12th to the 18th century. All great European countries depended on our Peninsula’s production. Predictably, velvet spread in the courts, in royal circles, among the noblest and wealthiest people of the time and was used for clothing, furnishings, and sometimes even for wallpaper. De gustibus…

During the Renaissance it was often combined with metals, or gold, to further express a sense of power and wealth. Then the dawning of the Industrial Revolution shifted the centre of production to other countries, which could make it more “mechanical” and less manual than the Italian art could. As a result, the fabric’s prices dropped and availability increased. Still, the association with wealth and royalty never faded, so much so that it endures to this day.

Follow the 2023 trend with Eurotessuti's velvet offerings

Fashion must be followed... but also reinterpreted! Once you have decided to follow the velvet trend in furniture, all you have to do is find the solution that best suits your environment and the style of your home. That is why Eurotessuti offers so many different types of fabrics, made from high quality raw materials and designed to be durable and adapt to any furnishing style, from the more traditional, classic or vintage to the more modern.

You can choose from plain velvet fabrics, which are versatile, durable and available in many different colours, or the patterned printed velvets available in a wide range of motifs, such as tartan or geometric. And for those who want to be more daring, Eurotessuti offers animal, floral or damask patterns. 

Among the plain velvets, you will find:

  • Diana velvet, entirely Made in Italy and therefore of the highest quality, available in 64 colours that are always in stock, perfect for both modern and classic environments
  • Viki velvet, glossy, elegant, versatile and easy-care. In some colours it is also available in a fire-retardant version, ideal for all types of upholstered furniture.
The Top Trend: Orion

One of the latest Eurotessuti offerings, Orion is a short pile matte velvet that immediately stands out and is different to the eye: soft, versatile and wear-resistant. It is available in 32 different elegant colours, including the exclusive Royal Blue, the famous Pantone® Royal Blue, one of the colours of the year. Among the trendiest colours for this period, it is a true trend in the trend!

Now you can study the ideal solution and combination of velvets, materials and colours to furnish that corner of your home that you want to embellish and make unique, elegant and refined, but above all timeless. All without ever giving up on a touch of modern flair.

If you need advice or more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and subscribe to our newsletter. 

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