Riccio, the bouclé fabric: a great news from Eurotessuti

26 Jan 2023

Riccio, the bouclé fabric: a great news from Eurotessuti

The return of the trend-setting bouclé

2023 has just begun and Eurotessuti is immediately offering great news in its catalog: the Riccio.

In line with the trends of the new season, which see the return of bouclé as the great protagonist, Eurotessuti offers a new Riccio fabric with a particularly sophisticated design and look in many different shades. Let's discover together this material that has recently returned to the limelight of the fashion world and which will be one of the most used materials in 2023.

A sophisticated material

The furniture sector is a world that is always active and in turmoil, where trends are constantly changing, in search of new things and innovations. But sometimes it's also nice to rediscover "historical" materials, which have already been trendy and proposed again in a new guise, following modern design trends.

This is the case of bouclé, a trendy material already a protagonist of the fashion world (especially clothing) which has also appeared on the interior design scene. Trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts know it because it was introduced over 60 years ago by Coco Chanel for her famous jackets.

But what is its main feature? As the Latins said: the word "bouclé" in fact derives from the French and means "to curl". The name already explains its peculiar characteristic: if we look closely, the material has small curls, which give it a lively and iridescent appearance and allow you to create interesting plays with light.

Where to use it and how to combine it

Bouclé is a soft fabric that can be elaborated in many colors, and is capable of giving a classic style to any environment; it can therefore be very useful for giving a classic and simple, minimal and refined aura to furniture, seats, and furnishings, even with a modern shape and design. A perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

For example, small upholstered items are trendy, such as poufs, can be combined in different colors with sofas and armchairs, so as to add a timeless touch to modern furnishings. It's the perfect solution for a minimal-chic style, but also for a Nordic or Scandinavian style, or for something more glamorous.

Riccio, the Eurotessuti proposal

Eurotessuti reworks this classic tradition by proposing an innovative and highly performing bouclé fabric for 2023. All the timeless elegance of a classic style, with contemporary design and performance.

Riccio, precisely, is a fabric with a curled and opaque appearance, with an irregular and iridescent texture, perfect for playing with light and shadow. Soft to the touch but with a perceptible body, it adapts perfectly to rounded shapes.

Perfect for covering different types of seats, it is available in many colors to give a welcoming and relaxing tone, without giving up on more daring combinations. 29 different colors from the usual palettes, more opaque and pastel, to satisfy every taste and decor. And it is also water-repellent.