Nettuno: the new sustainable fabric by Eurotessuti

27 Feb 2023

Choosing upholstery fabric

Comfort and sustainability meet in the new collection of upholstery fabrics

Does one still have to compromise between the quality of upholstery fabrics and their environmental sustainability in 2023? Eurotessuti is convinced not.

At a time in history when the focus on environmental sustainability and the eco-friendliness of fabrics, furnishings and upholstery is at its highest, and when everyone has to make an active commitment to reducing their environmental footprint, it is no longer acceptable to sacrifice these values at the altar of comfort. Quality and sustainability must go hand in hand.

This is what Eurotessuti believes in and this is why it has developed and proposed the eco-sustainable fabrics collection: made from recycled materials, they maintain the same qualities and characteristics of new raw materials, but with a reduced environmental impact.

The latest addition to this innovative collection is Nettuno: the ideal fabric for those seeking maximum comfort without giving up their principles of sustainability.

Let's discover it together.

Nettuno, the new proposal from Eurotessuti

The upholstery fabric Nettuno is Eurotessuti's latest proposal for its collection of sustainable fabrics. Keeping faith with the concept of 'sustainability and quality together', Nettuno is made from recycled polyester, i.e. fibres derived from the recycling of polluting waste that is recovered, reprocessed and transformed into new products. This process contributes to a significant reduction in polluting waste and, above all, avoids the production of new plastic.

What are the characteristics of Neptune? It retains the same qualities of new material; it is a durable fabric with intense colours and a soft hand. The contrast between the dark matt base and the lighter shiny thread gives the fabric incredible depth and allows it to brighten up any room.

Moreover, like most of Eurotessuti's collections, Nettuno is available in a vast colour palette designed to meet any furnishing requirement.

The sustainable fabrics collection

Nettuno is the latest addition to a collection that testifies to Eurotessuti's long-standing focus on the perfect combination of quality and low environmental impact. Leading an eco-sustainable lifestyle is no longer just a choice, but must be an unavoidable responsibility and duty for each of us. An attitude that embraces all our lifestyle choices, including that of eco-friendly furnishing. 

The home is the place where we spend most of our time, it is the mirror of our personality and our values: choosing eco-sustainable materials, such as upholstery fabrics in recycled material, is a fundamental step to safeguard not only the health of the planet, but also our own. Without ever renouncing style and quality.

A choice of quality, respecting the planet

This is why Eurotessuti has for some time now been creating a line of sustainable and ecological fabrics, made using manufacturing processes and technologies with a low environmental impact. A choice that combines the highest quality, which has always distinguished the company, attention to detail and attention to design with the use of innovative and greener materials.

In the 'sustainable fabrics' section of the Eurotessuti website you can find various fabrics of natural origin (e.g. wool, linen and cotton) obtained from production processes with a low environmental impact; and also fabrics, such as Nettuno, obtained from recycled materials.

Choosing natural fibres or fabrics recycled from waste materials, instead of new non-renewable raw materials, means respecting our planet and actively contributing to building a more sustainable future for new generations. Keeping up with the times.