New wind for outdoor fabrics: comes Maestrale

31 Mar 2023

Maestrale Yellow

A new fabric to face the warm season in style

Spring has just begun and we cannot deny that, as far as we are concerned, it is our favorite season. Good weather is more frequent, temperatures gradually rise but remain mild, nature blossoms and enriches the landscapes with colors and scents. The days are getting longer and we can enjoy more and more hours outdoors.

Indeed, with the arrival of spring, we begin to spend more time on terraces, in gardens, on balconies - in the outdoor spaces of our homes. As well as on the outdoor tables of bars and restaurants, in patios, on porches.... In short, we like to feel the fresh air of spring accompanying our convivial moments.

However, spring is also the season of sudden weather changes. It is known that March is crazy, and even in April we cannot be too trusting. When choosing fabrics for outdoor furniture, therefore, we need to keep this important factor in mind: even in good seasons, bad weather and adverse weather are always just around the corner.

That's why Eurotessuti offers a collection of outdoor fabrics dedicated precisely to this specific use. A collection that is enriched with a new, innovative fabric: Maestrale.

Let's discover it together.

Maestrale, Eurotessuti's new proposal

Maestrale upholstery fabric is the latest proposal from Eurotessuti dedicated to outdoor use. Like all the fabrics in the collection, it offers the highest quality in any situation; in fact, it is designed to withstand the elements and different weather conditions without being ruined. What's more, it is available in patterns and colors that will perfectly match any style of outdoor furniture.

What are its features? Thanks to a special protective treatment, Maestrale fabric has excellent color resistance to UV rays, so it stands the test of time despite exposure to sun and weather (rain, wind...). Therefore, this technical characteristic makes it perfect for garden accessories or professional outdoor furniture. 

Maestrale is an easy-care, hydro- and oleophobic double-face with high tear resistance. Like most of Eurotessuti's collections, it too is Oeko Tex certified.

It is available in many different colors, in both monochrome (plain) and matching stripes (with the classic and timeless 5 cm alternating white and colored stripes). The perfect solution for any style of outdoor decor.

The collection of fabrics dedicated to the outdoors

Maestrale is the latest addition to a collection that has always testified to the utmost attention and quality that Eurotessuti places on studying specific fabrics for outdoor furniture. Particularly in recent years, we have learned to appreciate more and more the outdoor spaces of our homes; we devote the same attention to them as to the indoor ones, we try to create a coherent image and coordinated style, and we no longer want to choose furnishings and fabrics of little value or destined to wear out over time.

On the contrary, we seek ever greater quality and durability, despite heat, sun or bad weather. We want to feel at home at all times, even in the garden. That's why Eurotessuti offers fabrics dedicated to the outdoors, such as Grecale, or Scirocco, available in different patterns and many colors, to suit any style of decor. They are perfect for outdoor use, such as on balconies, verandas, English gardens, but also for dehors and professional uses.

In fact, they can be used to complete sofas, seats, armchairs, outdoor lounges...whatever element of outdoor furniture you want to choose to make your spaces unique and cozy. And enjoy the beautiful season in serenity.