Digital printing on furnishing fabrics

06 Dec 2021

Digital printing on furnishing fabrics

How to achieve customised, unique and quality fabrics with digital printing

Printing on fabrics offers endless possibilities for customisation. Thanks 
to the latest printing techniques, such as digital printing, it is possible to reproduce any type of graphic, design or photograph on different types of fabric, natural or synthetic, with very high definition, obtaining unique, high quality results. Digital printing on fabric makes it possible to create customised textile products, even without requiring large quantities, at low costs and in a short time. Photos, colours, textures and designs can be transferred onto fabrics, without any creative limits, to produce cushions, upholstered bed covers, armchairs, sofas and customised and made-to-measure furnishing textiles.

All the advantages of digital printing on fabrics

Various printing methods can be used to print a textile, which allow the colours of certain patterns and textures to be reproduced and applied to the surface of textile products. The printing process uses inks and specific colour combinations that can change depending on the type and method of printing.

Rotary printing requires the preparation of an initial master  (i.e., matrix) and thus entails high costs, and no changes can be made to the plate once it has been prepared. Digital printing, on the other hand, allows for proofing or modification of the file to be printed at a later date. Furthermore, unlike rotary printing, which is usually used to print large quantities, digital printing can also be used to print a few metres of fabric and allows more colours to be reproduced.
By printing coloured dots, and not areas of fabric as in the traditional printing method, it enables designs using millions of colours to be achieved with a crisp, precise and high quality print. This makes digital printing particularly suitable for reproducing elaborate, highly detailed motifs and designs or complex graphics with tonal and gradient colours.

Digital printing for a more sustainable future

Digital printing ensures more sustainable production than traditional rotary screen printing, both in terms of environmental impact and resource savings. The machines used for this type of printing are relatively small, occupying twenty times less space than screen printing machines, and require less water and ink. This is because digital printing uses printheads that spray tiny droplets of ink onto the surface of the fabric, with significant savings compared to the large volumes of water and ink used during rotary screen printing.
The digital printing process also has less impact on the environment because it produces no waste water or polluting effluents and allows for significant energy savings and lower CO2 emissions.

Discover all Eurotessuti's printed fabric lines!

Eurotessuti offers several collections of printed fabrics of the highest quality, in many colours and patterns, ideal for upholstering armchairs, chairs, sofas, upholstered beds or other types of furniture, in classic or modern styles. In the Eurotessuti catalogue you can find all the printed fabrics with the most popular patterns, such as the Scottish velvet revisited in three colour variants (red, green and mustard), but also fabrics with elegant floral motifs in watercolour effect, striped or animalier patterns such as the exclusive tiger or zebra velvet with flower patterns. Among the great classics of furnishing fabrics, Eurotessuti also offers a damask velvet revisited in a more modern style, available in a wide palette of colours.

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