Safe and effective, with style: these are the new fireproof fabrics

13 Jun 2023

flame retardant products

Three new fabrics extend Eurotessuti's flame retardant offer

Eurotessuti has always been careful to study and create a proposal of fabrics capable of intercepting the needs of its customers, in terms of variety, style, adaptability and versatility. Every environment, every piece of furniture deserves the right fabric; we know how much every home, every workplace, every business deserves a personal and unique style!

But there is something beyond style: safety. 

The range of fire retardant items, already rich and diverse, is further expanded with the arrival of three new fabrics.

Three new proposals in the Eurotessuti catalog

Eurotessuti's range of fire retardant products in stock is extended with the offer of three completely new collections:

  • Orion FR: in soft and durable velvet
  • Neptune FR: a sustainable fabric made from recycled polyester
  • Norris FR: a textured fabric with Teknowaterclean treatment that makes it even easier to clean and maintain.

Like all fabrics in the collection, they offer the highest quality in every situation and are certified flame retardant. What's more, they are available in a wide range of vibrant and modern colors to match any decorating style.

Fabrics can be customized to meet specific requirements. In fact, specific treatments for other standards, such as BS 5852 crib 5, can be applied on request. 

All 12 collections in the catalog are always available from stock, and with an average of 15 color variations per collection, customers will find immediate availability of any quantity they require.

eurofabrics box, flame retardant fabrics depliants
A unique service: the Eurotessuti Box

Eurotessuti presents all its fire retardant fabrics in a practical box: a functional and efficient solution to have them always at hand, with all their technical characteristics explained clearly and immediately.

12 collections in a practical folder with Velcro fasteners, designed for all customers: a practical solution for all projects, easy to update and customizable in all its parts.

Each card is bilingual, updatable and removable, so you can have the box with all the collections or just the ones you have sampled. 

For further information on our fire retardant fabric collections or to learn more about the Eurotessuti box, please contact us.