Stain-resistant treatments for fabrics

18 Oct 2021

Stain-resistant treatments for fabrics

All the advantages of stain-resistant fabrics for furniture upholstery

The choice of materials is fundamental to ensure the durability of furniture and furnishings. For this reason, before purchasing, it is important to consider various factors and product characteristics, first and foremost the type and quality of fabrics, but also practicality and ease of cleaning. Choosing stain-resistant fabrics for interior or exterior upholstery is certainly the best option for enjoying any environment in complete peace of mind and always having furnishings as good as new, without fear of soiling them or having to constantly worry about washing the surfaces.

Characteristics of stain-resistant fabrics

Thanks to a special molecular treatment, if food or liquid substances such as coffee, wine or soft drinks are accidentally spilled on stain-resistant fabrics, the stains will not be absorbed by the fabric and can be easily cleaned with a simple sponge. To remove stains from these fabrics, simply wipe the surface quickly with a damp cloth, avoiding excessive pressure or rubbing.

Types of stain-resistant fabrics

There are different types of stain-resistant fabrics: some have intrinsic characteristics that make them resistant to water and dirt, others become stain-resistant through specific treatments. Depending on the requirements and the materials they are made of, stain-resistant fabrics can be used for different purposes, for example to cover sofas, cushions or upholstered beds, or to make other types of everyday furniture more resistant, such as upholstered chairs or armchairs that could easily become dirty.

Fabrics that always stay clean thanks to Teknowaterclean® technology

Eurotessuti has a wide range of plain and patterned stain-resistant fabrics for home furnishings in different types, colours, compositions and textures, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, all of which are always available in stock. Characterised by original and elegant lines, they are ideal for covering sofas, armchairs, cushions, chairs and upholstered beds. Thanks to the innovative Teknowaterclean® treatment, a molecular protective treatment that prevents stains from seeping in deeply, Eurotessuti stain-resistant fabrics can be easily cleaned with water, without resorting to the use of harsh detergents.

Frequent stains such as wine, sugary drinks, ballpoint pens, alcohol, coffee and tea can be removed with a damp cloth. More stubborn stains can be treated by rubbing a cloth soaked in 90% undyed ethyl alcohol (in this case it is advisable to test a small portion of the fabric first to avoid damaging the surface). For grease, oil and cosmetics, the foam of a neutral soap can be used, to then be removed with a damp cloth.