Eurotessuti's sustainable fabrics

25 Aug 2021

Eurotessuti's sustainable fabrics

The attention for the environment and for the use of green materials have become increasingly important in recent years. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is not only a commitment, but a responsibility and a duty that also includes the choice of eco-friendly furnishings. The home is the place where we spend most of our time and that most of all reflects who we are, our passions and our values: choosing environmentally friendly materials for our furnishing accessories is a fundamental step to safeguard not only the health of the planet, but also our well-being.

This is why Eurotessuti has decided to create a line of high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, made through manufacturing processes and technologies with low environmental impact. A choice that combines the search for quality, attention to detail and Made in Italy design with the use of innovative and highly sustainable materials.

Why choose sustainable fabrics?

Eco-sustainable fabrics are fabrics of natural origin (e.g. wool, linen and cotton) that are the result of eco-friendly production processes, or fabrics that can be obtained from recycled materials. Choosing natural fibres or fabrics recycled from waste materials instead of non-renewable raw materials means respecting our planet and actively contributing to building a more sustainable future for new generations.

Eco-friendly offerings by Eurotessuti

Eurotessuti offers a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics in its catalogue, with a wide choice of textures and colours to satisfy several needs. Each fabric is made with the utmost respect for the environment and following a sustainable production chain, while maintaining the same characteristics and quality of products made from the best virgin raw materials. The offerings range from the most classic wool fabric, available in different colours, to the STONE fabric, treated with a special process to create a sophisticated vintage effect, to fabrics with more sophisticated patterns, floral or geometric motifs, made entirely from recycled material.