Recycled fabric – Let’s Save The Oceans project

26 Feb 2020

Recycled fabric – Let’s Save The Oceans project

Sadly, as we all known, plastic is threatening our seas and its inhabitants. It risks causing irreparable damage if the problem is not addressed as soon as possible. Eurotessuti has always cared about the ecosystem we live in. Once again, we contribute to our industry’s efforts by raising awareness about alternative and eco-sustainable materials.

The ARIEL fabric is a result of this commitment.

This POLYESTER fabric is obtained from PET bottles recovered in the oceans and transformed into yarn by means of a non-polluting mechanical process, and from COTTON that also comes from recycled sources.


Each square metre of fabric contains 5 PET bottles

The quality remains very high, creating a fabric with the same physical characteristics as other similar fabrics produced from virgin raw materials. It also has the advantage of protecting our oceans by creating a virtuous cycle, reusing plastics that are already in circulation instead of producing new ones.