Our collection are chosen and thought with our clients, their needs and expectations in mind. For this reason we can offer a wide range of fabrics for different use and structure, very different from one another. All of our collections are in stock and ready to delivery in our warehouse.


Revisited with a contemporary touch, the great classic Italian fabrics for furnishing highlight the stylistic significance of Eurotessuti. Always in tune with various key markets, we proudly showcase our Italian heritage through collections that represent a “perfect synthesis between classic and modern”, distinguished by their original and elegant lines.

As a leading upholstery fabric supplier, our collections are always in stock, ready for delivery in their complete range of colours. These fabrics have earned the REACH TEST certification, and upon request, we supply fire retardant fabrics.


Outdoor furniture fabrics offered by Eurotessuti are meticulously crafted to withstand the harsh effects of UV rays and adverse weather conditions, including wind and rain. These fabrics are ideally suited for the exterior, from balconies and verandas to English gardens and commercial outdoor spaces. Their durability and aesthetic appeal make them the perfect choice for upholstery outdoor fabrics.

Fire-resistant fabrics

We offer coated and fire-resistant fabrics specifically treated for flame retardancy, certified and compliant with Class 1, Class 1 IM, BS 5852, TB 117 California and FTP for marine use.

Most of our fire resistant fabrics are available with these and other fire retardant certifications, ensuring safety and quality.


At the forefront of interior design, we specialize in providing leather upholstery fabrics of the highest quality, sourced exclusively from genuine European leather. Adhering strictly to REACH regulations, our commitment ensures the environment is safeguarded throughout the production cycle. Furthermore, we prioritize eco-friendliness by exclusively using water-based pigments in our leather upholstery fabrics.

Pet Collection

Our selection of suitable fabrics for pets.
All of the items, belonging to this category, have been tested and passed the so-called snagging test* (standard BS 8479:2008).
This test mechanically imitates the scratching of the fabric by domestic animals, e.g. cats or dogs. The test determines the fabric’s tendency to thread pulls, tears and surface defects. All fabrics in the Pet Collection achieved excellent results, confirming their high resistance to this type of damage and tear prevention.
All Pet Collections have a smooth surface with short fibres. This facilitates the removal of hair and prevents dirt as well as odours, liquids, etc. from getting in.