At Eurotessuti, we have great ambitions, both for the growth of our people and for the evolution of our company. We are dedicated to creating an environment that promotes equality, inclusion and empowerment.

Company culture

We believe that the greatest success is achieved when each individual feels respected, accepted and heard. For this reason, we are committed to cultivating a culture where everyone can unleash their full potential.

Our values

The values we share permeate every aspect of our work. Our passion for innovation and contemporaneity is the driving force behind Eurotessuti. This enthusiasm is fueled by our relentless curiosity to experiment with new ideas and break new ground while keeping products accessible. This underlines our constant desire to improve and it forms the foundation of our culture and the responsibility we feel towards others and the world as a whole.

Passion and dedication

Work with us

We are always looking for talented people who are motivated by responsibility, who have a desire to work as individuals and as part of a team, and who are passionate about our world.