Our products are for the biggest majority waterproof, keeping a very nice hand feeling which is a must for an upholstery fabric. Apart from this, we can treat our fabrics with additives that can make our fabrics fireproof, outdoor or easy clean.

Quality of our fabrics

Our upholstery fabrics revisit the great classics looks in a more contemporary way, underlining the styling uniqueness of Eurotessuti. Always in tune with key markets, we proudly showcase our Italian heritage through collections that represent a perfect synthesis between classic and modern with their original and elegant lines.

Different treatments

Our fabrics can be treated with standard treatments, for example water-repellent or fireproof or easy-clean treatments, but also less common ones, such as anti-chlorine and salt water, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and others that the customer may require.

Teknowaterclean treatment®

The Teknowaterclean® treatment represents a real innovation in the textile industry: the stain on the surface, can be removed simply by using water.