The extraordinary creativity and enthusiasm, our team uses to select products, allow us to offer a wide range of fabrics, customed and planned to reach our clients’ needs and taste.


We can personalize every aspect, including colors and details on small lots, promptly responding to the specific requests. Our offer goes from classic elegant fabrics to contemporary designs, all made by a wide range of materials, such as cotton, wool, velvet, jacquard, but also PU leather and microfibers, all available in our warehouse In different colors and wonderful prints.

A team of professionals

Our cooperators study with you the product or products most suitable for your project.

Complete personalization

The whole project is bespoken from the pattern, to the choice of colors and size.

From beginning to end

We follow you step by step during all the work phasis, in order to create the products that you actually want.


Being able to treat our fabrics with different treatments, all in observance of the most stringent European regulations, we can fulfil orders for contract projects such as hotels, cinemas, offices and similar public offices.