Eurotessuti has its roots in Viadana, a city located on the banks of the great Po river, at the crossroads of four influential provinces in the North of Italy: Mantua, Cremona, Parma and Reggio Emilia.

Thanks to its strategic position in the heart of Northern Italy and the innate tenacity of its inhabitants, Viadana has gone through an extraordinary transformation. From a time when it was a quiet agricultural town, it has become a major industrial hub in various economic sectors.

We are Eurotessuti

A team of specialists in the trading of fabrics, who can guarantee tailor-made solutions, prompt deliveries and customizations, showing a deep knowledge of the textile sector.


In Eurotessuti, we overcome boundaries through the fusion of expertise and attention to the client. Our existence turns around you, a pumping heart in our world.

Certified quality

We are proud to guarantee the quality of our products through certifications, showing a commitment towards health, safety and our environment.

Our team

We believe that success is reached when everyone feels respected, accepted and heard. For this reason, we commit to cultivating a culture where everyone can unleash their full potential.