Our upholstery fabrics revisit the great classics looks in a more contemporary way, underlining the styling uniqueness of Eurotessuti. Always in tune with key markets, we proudly showcase our Italian heritage through collections that represent a perfect synthesis between classic and modern with their original and elegant lines.
In this section, our fabric collections, both for contract and for private use, are always in stock, ready for delivery in their complete range of colours. Aside from the aesthetics, these fabrics have passed the Reach certification standards.
Moreover, upon request, we can treat them with fire retardant treatment.

Easy clean fabrics

Our easy clean fabrics can be easily cleaned and maintained thanks to the revolutionary Teknowaterclean treatment: every stain is simply removed with water. This feature not only ensures a long-lasting and fresh appearance, but also reduces the need for detergents, contributing to significant savings and a smaller environmental footprint. If you are looking for stain-resistant fabrics for sofas, beds, armchairs or other furniture, our collection is the solution for combining aesthetics and functionality.

Printed velvets

Printed velvet fabrics with designs and patterns ranging from classic to modern, guaranteeing an unmistakable touch of style for any room. Each piece of printed fabric is taken care of down to the smallest detail, reflecting the art and passion that Eurotessuti dedicates to the creation of high-quality fabrics. Also explore our collection of plain velvet fabrics!

Solid color velvets

This kind of fabric is a timeless choice, effortlessly adapting to modern, vintage and classic designs, enhancing its innate versatility. These velvet fabrics not only impart an elegant and refined character to furniture but also exude softness and a hint of luxury with its shimmering appearance. Eurotessuti's collection of velvet fabrics is diverse, with a range of colors perfect for sofas, armchairs, beds and more.
Discover our patterned velvet fabrics too!